Friday, 22 May 2015

Beat the Heat of Scorching Summers with these Simple yet Valuable Skin Care Tips

It is summertime; the perfect time to flaunt your attractive figure. While pristine beaches would be tempting you to jump into the water right then, but you need to remember, the sun is beaming straight on your skin. However, this should not stop you from plunging into the deep cool water. Rather, you can splash into the water, for the following skin care tips are going to keep you safe throughout the hot season.

  • While you put on the make-up, just apply a protecting layer of sunscreen, usually SPF 30 or above as it blocks the intense rays of the sun and prevent you from getting those shabby and uncomfortable sunburns.
  • Your lips are one of the attractive features of your face and if they get dry, you can well imagine your looks! So, before you struggle with dryness of your lips apply a lip balm, at least of SPF 15, for they hydrate your lips and keep them looking fuller and shinier.
  • We sweat a lot in summers and thus, loose a significant amount of water from our body, which is actually known to maintain a glowing and younger looking skin. So, to ascertain that your body has enough water, drink as much water as you can in a day.
  • Daily wear and tear expose your skin to a lot of dirt. So, exfoliating it regularly with a cleanser or exfoliation cream would make your skin look smoother and younger.
Well, the list of skin care tips is endless. The more you will search, the more you will get to know about new things. However, with these few tips you will definitely enjoy the scorching summers without worrying about your looks. So, get started today!