Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Choose Your Favourite & Healthiest Salad Dressing

Are you like most of the people, the one who love to pour rich and creaming dressings all over the vegetables in the salad? And then, you might be thinking, that you are eating really healthy diet. But, its not at all like this! You don't even realize that eating veggies with these dressings are weighing you even more, which is beyond your thoughts.

Without, any doubt, the salad dressings available in the market are tasty, that satisfy your taste buds. But, you won't even realize that they are full of fat & calories that forbids your efforts of getting slim and attain healthy body. These are great hurdles in the process of attaining healthy lifestyle. Being, a nutritionist, I suggest, healthy salad recipes of London to the people. Even, there are options available that are healthier and also delicious in taste. Here are some of the options listed below that can make your salad extremely delicious:-


  • Mixture of olive oil and flax seeds with the red wine or balsamic vinegar.
  • Squeeze a lemon on the salad, that will give a tangy, yet awesome taste to the salad.
  • Some of the bottled dressings like Vinaigrette can be a choice, as they have less & calories.
  • There is a version of low fat dressing, that can be used by the people who are watching out for a weight loss and that is parmesan and peppercorn dressing.
  • Light creamy caesar dressing that gives a creamy texture to the salad as it is made from the plain or fat free yogurt.
  • The sweet and fruity base of this dressing is countered by the minced jalapeƱo for an added kick. Top a salad with chicken, cucumber, and mint for a really nice pairing.
  • One option that would not be able to miss out, low-fat buttermilk ranch.
With all these options of dressings, you will not have to stop yourself from the cravings of eating something really delicious. These were, some of my amazing healthy salad recipes for skin recipes dressing option. So, whenever, you eat out salads, choose your favourite option and add taste to your salad with these.

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